Idaho Soft White Spring Wheat


Idaho State Official Variety Trials Website


University of Idaho Cereal Extension Specialist: Dr. Juliet Marshall

Most Effective Fungicides
Brand Rate Timing Efficacy
Prosaro (Bayer) 6.5 to 8.2 fl oz per acre Anthesis (Feekes 10.51) Good
Caramba (BASF) 13.5 to 17 fl oz per acre Anthesis (Feekes 10.51) Good
Proline (Bayer) 5 to 5.7 fl oz per acre Anthesis (Feekes 10.51) Good
Tebuconazole (Generics) 4.0 fl oz per acre Anthesis (Feekes 10.51) Fair
Miravis Ace 13.7 fl oz per acre Anthesis (Feekes 10.51) Good
Supplemental Information Courtesy of North Central Regional Committee on Management of Small Grain Diseases (NCERA-184): Fungicide Efficacy for Control of Wheat Diseases
2020 MR Soft White Spring Wheat Varieties
Entry NameSourceFHB ResistanceDON*
WB6121Bayer Crop Science/WestBredMR/MS10.9
AlturasUniversity of Idaho/IAESMR/MS2.5
UI StoneUniversity of Idaho/IAESMR/MS4.65
SeahawkWashington State University/WAESMR/MS3.9

*DON is parts per million of deoxynivalenol toxin. Data is from 2019, as 2020 data is not yet complete.

FHB Resistance - MR=Moderate Resistant, MS=Moderate Susceptible, S=Susceptible, Rating - 1-9 where 1 is the best and 9 is the worst
* Please Note: The USWBSI recommends the planting of Moderate Resistant (MR) varieties, public or private, as an effective way to help manage FHB. Varieties with a rating of MR or better for FHB were determined through official state variety trials and/or recommendations from each state’s public small grain specialists.