ScabSmart Progressive Web Application

The new ScabSmart website has been updated with “Progressive Web Applications” (PWA) technology. PWA is a technology that allows a website to work offline and can optionally be installed in the operating system where it will look and act like any other app.

Installation Instructions

The app is not installed from any App Store. It is installed from your browser when you visit the site.

Android users will be prompted to install the app when they visit the site. If you don't see the prompt, or dismissed it, you can install it at any time by clicking on the browser menu, usually located in the upper right corner of the screen. Simply click the "Add to Home Screen" menu item and the app will be installed to your phone.

Apple/iOS users within Safari can manually press the Share icon and then “Add to Home Screen.” You may have to swipe the options to find the “Add to Home Screen” button. There will be no indication that a website you are visiting is a PWA.